Zirconium (Black Zirconium Wedding Bands)

Zirconium (Black Zirconium Wedding Bands)

Zirconium was first discovered in the 18th century and was added as the 40th element of the periodic table. It doesn’t corrode and is hypoallergenic. It resembles titanium in color, durability and ductility, but has one attribute that especially sets it apart. It develops a hard scratch-resistant black coating when heated.

So naturally, when I first heard about zirconium, I needed to make a ring out of it. Black tungsten rings or black titanium rings are made by various plating processes, whereas a black zirconium ring, when heated, forms its own black zirconium oxide surface. Like anything, it can get scratched, but unless you’re in the habit of gouging it with hard metals, it will last much longer than other black ring alternatives.

I started selling black zirconium rings in May of 2021. I've always liked black colored rings, but surprisingly there really aren't a whole lot of options out there other than a typical polished, flat ring. Which is fine, it's just not my style. Below are some of the zirconium rings I've made since opening my shop.

Distressed Black Zirconium Wedding Band

Black Zirconium Wedding Band (shown on finger)

Each of these mens black wedding bands are made-to-order and have a unique and personalized look. I just love the rough facets on this ring. Finding a balance between having a rustic edge and class is where I exist. A ring doesn't need to be bland to be classy, and it doesn't need to be gaudy to be cool.

Hammered Black Zirconium Wedding Band

Hammered Black Zirconium Wedding Band (vertical with black backdrop)

If the distressed look seems a bit too bold, I've also made a hammered model with smooth subtle facets. 

Distressed Titanium and Black Zirconium Damascus Wedding Band

Distressed Titanium and Zirconium Damascus Wedding Band

Same idea as the distressed zirconium but is intertwined with titanium to give the ring a bit of variety. This is my personal wedding band that I wear day in day out. It is durable, retains it's color, and... it's pretty awesome.


If you are interested in a ring, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. It’s just me here. (: https://hephaestusrings.com/pages/contact


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