Sterling Silver Wedding Band (My First Wedding Band)

Sterling Silver Wedding Band (My First Wedding Band)

Forged Rustic Sterling Silver Wedding Band

Hammered Sterling Silver Wedding Band (Vertical with cloth backdrop)

This simple silver wedding band was the first mens wedding band I made that is still in my shop today. I had just made the decision to open an Etsy shop and was so excited to have a couple listings up. I had a few friends buy my rings but I distinctly remember the day I got an order from New York on March 15, 2021. “Do I know anybody from New York?” It was my first real customer and they bought this very ring, my “Forged Rustic Sterling Silver Wedding Band”.

Hammered Sterling Silver Wedding Band (Shown on finger)

Sterling Silver is a timeless material used in wedding bands since the 12th century. It is composed of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper for durability. This ring in particular is made entirely from recycled sterling silver. I source sterling silver items (typically forks and spoons) locally. I then melt the silver down and cast it into the ring shape. From there it’s a matter of removing and shaping the material until I get it just right (this is where most of the work takes place).

Hammered Sterling Silver Wedding Band (Horizontal with black backdrop)

Like the rest of the rings in my shop, I don’t like to give it a high-shine or ultra-smooth finish. There are enough rings out there like that, and frankly that’s just not my style. I like to give it an organic, rustic, faceted, handmade look, enough to give it character, but still have that simple timelessness.



If you are interested in a ring, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. It’s just me here. (:

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